15 Trends That Are Shaping the Future

business-insider-logo"Trends that start out small can wind up transforming the way we live. . . ."

"Companies need to pay attention to the changing ways consumers act and think, because if they don't adapt, they'll be left behind."

"We've picked 15 of SAP's "99 Facts On The Future Of Business" to give you a taste of where we are and where we're headed. Click through to find out which trends are shaping our lives . . ."

Are You Making Any of These Social Media Mistakes?

alyson-shontell-3'"What are the biggest mistakes that you find small business leaders make when using social media?""

"Marvin Powell, a Small Business Growth Consultant in Washington DC, posted that question on LinkedIn and 97 people responded."

"Here are the most common complaints. . . ."

Photo – Alyson Shontell, senior report at BusinessInsider.com

How Tech Has Changed Our Lives

jennifer-deleo"Through the years, we've watched technology grow like a child budding into adulthood: It starts out mostly crying and pooping, then crawling, gradually learning to walk, and finally able to run at a speed we all wish we could keep up with. We've seen technology fail, and we've seen it succeed. We've poked fun at it when it doesn't make sense, and we've praised it when it's absolutely brilliant. We've yelled at it when it runs out of power, and we've fixed or replaced it when it gets run down."

Photo – Jennifer L. DeLeo

The Rise of Mobile Technology: An Infographic to Learn From

snippet-rise-of-mobile"This growth of mobile has led to incredible improvements in communication between individuals, massive wealth creation, market efficiencies, and has even helped as a tool and catalyst for recent revolutions and regime change. What this technology has also brought about is an almost limitless market for businesses both large and small to tap into and connect with their potential and current customers," writes Timothy Boyle, blog author at Qfuse.com, in his introduction to presenting a featured infographic.