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7 Mistakes That Can Turn Your Seminar Into a Nightmare

"It’s showtime! The turnout is good. The topic is interesting. The  dynamic seminar leader is prepared and rehearsed. So what could go wrong? How could a seminar start to unravel?" "It’s not enough to be a confident speaker and subject matter expert. It’s what happens behind the scenes long before the audience ever arrives that […]

8 Tips When Speaking in the Line of Fire

"Has this ever happened to you? You feel you're under the gun. It may be a high stakes meeting a job interview, or media appearance. It could be a panel presentation where you freeze in response to a moderator's question. There are times when presenters feel like they're speaking in the line of fire. Scientists at Virginia Tech Carilion Research […]

Unleash the Power of Storytelling

"I expect a book on communication—which is what storytelling is—to teach me something new or remind me of truths I had better not forget. Rob Biesenbach’s Unleash the Power of Storytelling: Win Hearts, Change Minds, Get Results surpassed my expectations, and I am happy to recommend it to you." So writes Lynn Gaertner-Johnston (photo, left) in the […]

What’s Your Story? 6 Tips for Telling Great Stories

“Once upon a time… ” “When you hear those words  you’re transported back to childhood when you loved hearing a story. That love of stories never left us as adults. What left us was the practice of telling stories. As we developed our logical brain and entered the workplace, we valued facts and information. We […]

Losing Your Train-of-Thought

“Midway through her speech, she froze. What seemed like a normal pause turned into a longer and longer pause, until the audience realized she had lost her train-of-thought. They immediately shouted words of encouragement. “You go, girl.” “Keep going.” Finally she recalled her message and exited the stage. She felt mortified. She had hired a […]

English Presentation Skills 3 – Wrapping Up

"Welcome back to Business English Pod for today’s lesson on wrapping up a presentation in English." "Some people say that the start of a presentation is the most important part. That’s where you grab people’s attention and give them a reason to listen. But the end of your presentation is just as important. If you […]

What Is a Syllable? Word Stress in American English – Part 1

"To pronounce English words correctly and clearly you have to understand Word Stress (Syllable Stress), or how some syllables stand out and receive more emphasis than others. In Part 1 of this American accent training series on Word Stress we answer the question 'What is a syllable?'"

Presenting Numbers in English (Part 1)

"Giving a presentation in English about anything can be challenging. Giving a presentation about numbers and data can be especially difficult. You have to describe those numbers, to interpret them, and to connect them to ideas and decisions. In today’s lesson, we’ll begin looking at some techniques for this situation. We’ll learn how to approximate […]

Essential Presentation Skills 1: Getting Started

"We all know a skilled presenter when we see one. It’s a person who catches our interest right away and connects with the audience. He gives us the information we need without droning on and putting us to sleep. He’s clear about his purpose, he’s organized, and he answers our questions." "But most skilled presenters […]