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How to Plan Something Without the Annoying Back-and-Forth Email Chain

"If you are a professional who lives on planet Earth. . . , then you’re well acquainted with that special brand of awful called scheduling email chains." "It starts with a, “We should totally catch up soon!” moves forward with a, “How about the second week of a month far away?” and 19 emails later, […]

How to Write Email with Military Precision

"In the military, a poorly formatted email may be the difference between mission accomplished and mission failure. During my active duty service, I learned how to structure emails to maximize a mission’s chances for success. Since returning from duty, I have applied these lessons to emails that I write for my corporate job, and my […]

Never Send a ‘Follow-Up’ Email: If You Want Answers, Do This Instead

"Sending and receiving a follow-up email can be annoying. The sender wishes they did not have to write the email, and the recipient hates to get one. You are either frustrated because you have not gotten an answer or reminded that you have one more thing to do. It’s a lose-lose situation," writes Avery Blank […]

Are You Overusing Exclamation Points in Work Emails?

"It was in my first office job that my habit of writing exclamation mark–ridden work emails first came to my attention. My supervisor noticed the pattern and gently asked me to tone it down," writes Cory Fernandez (photo, left) in an article at "Are exclamation marks always out of bounds in professional communications, though? As a […]

Jeff Bezos Explains His Famous One-Character Emails

"Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos has a notorious habit of sending his executives an email that has a single character: a question mark," writes Julie Bort (photo, left) in a piece at "When the executive gets an email from Bezos that simply reads "?" they know that Bezos is concerned about something because a customer […]

How to Manage Email

"Thankfully there are tactics and tools for managing the deluge, and they don’t have to involve achieving the often-elusive (some would say ridiculous) goal of Inbox Zero. These simple approaches range from understanding email’s psychological and human attributes to apps that can prioritize and expedite without sacrificing output—or sanity. Here’s everything you need to know […]

As Workplace Communication Evolves, Email May Not Prevail

". . . Email not only facilitates work, it has become a form of work in itself. But despite its enduring reign as a workplace staple, the long-term viability of email as a primary communications platform is worth reassessing due to our nation’s changing professional demographics and the increasing functionality of 'smart software.'” Author bio – "Adam […]

The Perfect Thank-You Email to Send After a Job Interview

"You spend weeks preparing for a job interview and give 110% once you're in the hot seat. You walk out feeling confident and relieved — like your work is finally done."  "But it isn't. "In fact, there's still one more crucial step to take if you really want to land the gig: sending the interview […]

6 Types of Emails You Should Be Writing

"I’ll cop to (possibly) having lost control of my inbox now and again, swamped by the waves of incoming missives flowing over the transom. Yet it still remains one of the most convenient and speedy forms of global communication," offers Michael Fertig (photo, left) in a piece at "That said, we could all probably do […]

Science Says You’ll Never Win an Argument Over Email

"In our highly polarized times, just about everyone has experienced the fruitlessness and stress of online political arguments. Is the problem simply our divided culture and overheated rhetoric? Those certainly play a role, but according to new research, the medium itself might be a big part of the problem too." "Communicating via text, a new […]

The Networking Email Top Execs Send When They’re Job Hunting

"You became a business leader because you’re capable, confident, and intelligent, right? So, it may feel like you’re showing weakness if you ask for help." "You are not showing weakness. Get that out of your head. Very few people sit around studying the art and science of job search, until you go to change your […]

How to Cut All of Your Emails in Half (So People Actually Read Them)

"When it comes to emails, I tend to be pretty wordy," admits Kat Boogaard (photo, left) in a piece at "I live with an intense fear of coming off as too direct or cold, and there’s something about all of those extra words, niceties, and (embarrassingly) exclamation points that make me sound a little […]