The Causes and Consequences of ‘Ghosting’ in Today’s Job Market

"Much attention is being given to the increasing number of employees who are quitting their jobs without providing their employers with notice. Also referred to as “ghosting,” recruiters are experiencing a similar trend among candidates who have failed to show up for job interviews or the first day of employment, without so much as a phone call."

"Many blame the recent increase in ghosting on the strength of the labor market, with the unemployment rate dropping to a 49-year low at 3.7% in September and remaining the same in October and November. With the number of job openings far surpassing the number of job seekers, employees and candidates feel a sense of empowerment as the scales tip in their favor. But aside from the numbers and statistics, what is the motivation behind their actions, and what are the consequences?"

Author bio – Mr. Feldmann is Communications Specialist for Insperity Recruiting Services, which specializes in employment branding and recruitment marketing. He is also a member of the Forbes Human Resources Council.