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Unlike all other texts in the field, which emphasize paper documents and outdated practices, only Bovée and Thill present the full range of social media and electronic communication that students will need to know to meet employer expectations.

Business Communication Today, 12th Ed.
Excellence in Business Communication, 11th Ed.
Business Communication Essentials, 6th Ed.
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Mobile Professional Etiquette

Tuesday, July 15th, 2014

As mobile users continue to rise, mobile usage etiquette, continues to head south. . . . Here are some  tips for mobile professional etiquette that will help you, at least, not leave someone feeling offended or uncomfortable when you’re interacting with your mobile phone. Image: Ambro / Read the full article . . .

Email Etiquette and Shared Workstations

Tuesday, July 15th, 2014

At work stations where staff share PCs, what is the proper response should one staff member find the open work-related email of another staff member, which has not yet been closed? (At my job the second person knowingly typed a message in the others email, sending from him to him, and acknowledging in the message […]

Proper E-Mail Etiquette with Corporate Comedian Greg Schwem

Monday, June 23rd, 2014

Corporate comedian Greg Schwem explains that it truly is possible to end an e-mail conversation, Read the full article…

15 Business Etiquette Rules Every Professional Needs to Know

Wednesday, April 23rd, 2014

"In her new book "The Essentials Of Business Etiquette," Barbara Pachter (photo, left) writes about the specific skills professionals need to understand when presenting themselves in a business setting," writes Vivian Giang. "From how to introduce yourself to what to order at restaurants, these are the social rules you need to know when establishing relationships. […]

The Complete Guide to Twitter Etiquette

Monday, April 14th, 2014

"Forget distinguishing the salad fork from the dinner fork. Today's lessons in etiquette are all about looking good on social media. And Twitter, as the microblogging platform of choice for more than 200 million users, is one of the most influential platforms," says Rebecca Hiscott (photo, left). "We've put together a comprehensive guide to Twitter etiquette […]

Business Etiquette: 5 Rules That Matter Now

Monday, March 31st, 2014

". . . the concept of etiquette is still essential, especially now—and particularly in business. New communication platforms, like Facebook and Linked In, have blurred the lines of appropriateness and we're all left wondering how to navigate unchartered social territory," writes Eliza Browning in a piece at

6 Tips for Proper Social Media Etiquette in the New Year

Wednesday, February 12th, 2014

Dianne Gottsman (photo, left) advises, "As you set out 2014 with fresh goals and resolutions, don't overlook your social media profiles and activity. Your online presence can support or damage your professional (and social) image. Start the New Year off by paying closer attention to your social media presence."

14 Tips on Business Etiquette: Setting a Professional Tone with Co-workers, Clients and Customers

Thursday, January 16th, 2014 presents a list of 14 tips on business etiquette.

Poor Mobile Manners Not Lost on Bosses

Tuesday, January 7th, 2014

"Answering a cellphone or shooting off a text message during a business lunch may do more than just give an employee a bad reputation — it could cost them a chance to move up the corporate ladder, new research suggests," writes Chad Brooks (photo, left) in a piece at

10 Etiquette Rules for Meetings That Every Professional Should Know

Thursday, December 5th, 2013

"Even if you dread them, meetings put you in front of coworkers and bosses who you may not work with on a regular basis. That means how you conduct yourself in them may leave a lasting impression," writes Vivian Giang (photo, left). "Is it acceptable to eat during a meeting, or check your phone? Should […]

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