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Unlike all other texts in the field, only Bovée and Thill cover mobile business communication, beginning with their 2015 editions. They also provide the full range of digital communication and social media that students will need to know to meet employer expectations.

Business Communication Today, 12th Ed.
Excellence in Business Communication, 11th Ed.
Business Communication Essentials, 6th Ed.
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Business Communication Syllabus Examples

March 21, 2012

Here are business communication syllabus examples, categorized by Bovee & Thill textbook title and edition. 

In some cases, instructors kindly submitted their syllabus for sharing. In a few instances, if a syllabus was in the public domain, it was duplicated here.

If you would be willing to contribute your syllabus so that others could see it, please send it to This would be much appreciated!

Business Communication Today

BCT11 Example 1
BCT11 Example 2
BCT10 Example 1
BCT10 Example 2
BCT9 Example 1
BCT9 Example 2
BCT9 Example 3

Excellence in Business Communication

EBC9 Example 1
EBC9 Example 2
EBC9 Example 3
EBC9 Example 4
EBC9 Example 5
EBC9 Example 6

Business Communication Essentials

EBC5 Example 1
EBC5 Example 2
EBC4 Example 1
EBC4 Example 2
EBC4 Example 3
EBC4 Example 4

Download BCE4 Example 4Download BCE4 Example 3Download BCE4 Example 2Download BCE4 Example 1Download BCE5 Example 2Download BCE5 Example 1Download EBC9 Example 6Download EBC9 Example 5Download EBC9 Example 4Download EBC9 Example 3Download EBC9 Example 2Download EBC9 Example 1Download BCT9 Example 3Download BCT9 Example 2Download BCT9 Example 1Download BCT10 Example 2Download BCT10 Example 1Download BCT11 Example 2Download BCT11 Example 1
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